How To Repair Flat Screen Printer

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Flat Screen Printer are hand-printed in terms of process, speed, and quality. It is beyond the reach of manual printing.

How To Repair Flat Screen Printer

In recent years, the electronics industry has developed rapidly, and gradually the machine printing of printed board factories has gradually replaced the backward hand printing. Flat Screen Printer are hand-printed in terms of process, speed, and quality. It is beyond the reach of manual printing. Flat screen printing machine has many advantages, its printing action is very balanced and fast, the printing stroke can be selected arbitrarily, the positioning is accurate, and the micro-motion dial is attached, which can effectively provide the precise screen adjustment effect, and its scraper and ink return The pressure angle can also be adjusted, and it is also equipped with a powerful static motor, which can effectively prevent the displacement of the plate. However, no matter how advanced the equipment is, if it does not do a good job of maintenance and repair, its service life and use effect must have a great impact. The following achievements will briefly talk about the flat screen printing machine. Maintenance.

The air compressor component of the flat screen printing machine must not allow too much water and oil to enter the air pressure system, so as to avoid cylinder failure and shorten the service life of the cylinder. In addition, it is necessary to ensure compressed air Dry and clean, if best, can be equipped with freeze dryer.

The three-point combination of flat screen printers must ensure that the operating pressure is within 5-7kg / cm as much as possible. Then, it is necessary to check whether the oil amount of the converter oil cup is sufficient every day, if the pressure relief valve is not used for a long time. It is also recommended to put it on the rear end, and it is recommended to use medium oil R68 # (that is, special oil for air conditioning group) for air conditioning.

Finally, when the work is stopped, the main switch of the power supply and the compressed air source must be turned off; at the same time, the speed control valve cylinder and the axis of each part should try to avoid magnetic loss.

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