you have to invest a little money to get an enormous size. the largest size is around 350 (350 could be mixed

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you have to invest a little money to get an enormous size. the largest size is around 350 (350 could be mixed

elyon makes money

How to earn money: copy + daily

If you want to use a duplicate, you'll need 5 numbers that Elyon Gold  are of the same profession, and all of them get to level 40. In addition, you have to invest a little money to get an enormous size. the largest size is around 350 (350 could be mixed, around 1 million, and the entire body is blue + 6+8 gems that make it the highest level of hit, basically you can hit it) And then you play 40 copies next each other. The most efficient way to upgrade your trumpet is to go to the home, do not play the main line. Instead, take on monsters and then upgrade to 39. Then , you can clean up the main line, clear and upgrade to 40. Then, put all the large equipment gems in the storage area and then hand them over to trumpet (note that the gems can be downloaded) The equipment can only be placed in the warehouse after it has come down).

The 40th copy of the 4 will result in about 120.000 gold coins. Weapons could yield 10.000-20.000. In essence, a number of income is approximately 180.000. If you're lucky, the purple fragile is more lucrative. When you are less than 42 levels. you can do daily tasks for each account. It is recommended to do RVR tasks every day. The rewards are substantial and quick, and gems can be sold for money. If you reach the age of 41. Complete the main line, and then open the daily of this location, you are able to go through the daily of this area, and you need to strengthen the stone.

Take a trip to the following 3 border cities to pick up the RVR task. Be careful not to get rid of monsters (it is believed to be at the bottom, fifth so you can translate it into which one is the monster) The rest can be picked up. The 41 and 42 enhanced Stones do not pick up the BOSS and provide 2 Enhanced Stones (because the person who is picking it up will not be able to complete the task.). 42-43 The red The red Stones in the city are scheduled daily in the city, and afterward it is the same process that disassembles unnecessary equipment and sells Enhanced Stones. 42 is also able to open the blue strengthening stone. Profitable. This red stone has been tied, and you have to strengthen the green equipment to +4. Sell holes in order to earn profits.

As you get to level 42. take RVR 42-44 to earn the blue enchantment. If you're in a group the greatest benefit is the spaceship challenge. This task is best played by a group of 4-5 players in the group, as one player will not be able to complete it. There will certainly be either a red or blue enhancement stone and 10.000 silver coins. Furthermore, red hunting points can be exchanged for various expensive items.

The elyon game is a gun shooting game. There will be different elements in the game You must eliminate monsters, take all kinds of rare gear, and take on exciting duel. In addition there are lots of aspects to the game, you have to finish many events, which will allow you to perform better in this game.

"ELYON" utilizes a non-locking attack system. In adopting this attack method, players can experience the game faster. Each profession comes with cheapest Elyon Gold  24 different skills. The players have the option to pick 9 different kinds of skills to use in a sensible manner, based on the situation. The game's skills can be altered at any point and the basic characteristics of skills can be enhanced with the help of items from the past.

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