The fact that my experience so far has been positive doesn't mean everything about Elyon

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Going into the Elyon Gold Beta, I expected that only one or two teams could be played .

The fact that my experience so far has been positive doesn't mean everything about Elyon

Making combat more challenging would require more diversity in how monsters strike. At present, the majority of the creatures make a dash straight for an  Elyon Gold attacker which makes it easy to group them into huge groups and quickly take them out with just a few AoE attacks. When there is an opponent with a range and they are unable to maintain their distance, allowing you to pull all the creatures close to them. Even the stronger enemies, known as the leaders, aren't quick to attack with any special maneuvers, which makes evasion easy. Although I'm all about making the push through low-level content quickly, I can see the way this combat in easy mode could be an issue for some.

The fact that my experience so far has been positive doesn't mean everything about Elyon is unicorns and rainbows. I am generally a big player of crafting and gathering in MMOs, but the idea of making some serious art in Elyon is anything but difficult. In a decision that I believe is a good thing that there's no mini-game to play that involves crafting. You go to a workbench, pick a recipe, set the quantity you want to make, and press start. That's fine.

The problem I'm having is how long it takes to build any item. The first weapon I could create requires 10 pieces of tough wood and five sturdy rods of metal. Each of them is the result of a significant success while crafting the plywood base and metal rods. With a chance of 10% for a big success, this means that I'll need to construct 100 plywood and 50 metal rods in order to have the required components for my weapon. With a time of 8 seconds per craft this means that it will take approximately 20 minutes to make the necessary materials for a single object! The weapon itself isn't comparable to the one I'm using. I've barely scratched the surface of making, and I'm guessing there'll be methods (other the purchase of materials) to improve the speed of the process but this doesn't sound appealing to me. Maybe I'm not doing something right?

Gathering can be a bit better however it has its own set of issues. In addition to gathering from resource nodes found in the wild Once you have access to housing, you can include nodes in your personal plot. These are a set it and forget it type of thing. Every an hour or so, you can visit, harvest and plant again, and then head back out. Simple, yet effective, isn't it?

During your adventures and adventures, you'll also get Dimensional Seeds. When planted, these special seeds will produce a portal to two different mini-games. Both games aren't very enjoyable as I didn't wish to go back to them after the first attempt. However, they only take about a minute to finish and provide an adequate amount of materials in the time needed which is why they're an evil I will must endure. It would be so much simpler if the Dimensional Seeds just gave a higher yield than regular seeds and we left it at that.

Those are just a couple of the issues I've run upon so far. Others, such as being instructed to choose a guild in one of the main quests, only to find out that leaving that guild after the quest is completed has made me ineligible to join another guild for buy Elyon Gold  50 hours. somewhat annoying but not an issue that can be resolved. I'm sure I'll come across others that will hinder my enjoyment, but I hope they won't outweigh the fun I am having.

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