head south on the road. He is located upstairs in the herb marked by the large octagonal Herblore shop

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head south on the road. He is located upstairs in the herb marked by the large octagonal Herblore shop

In the strone circle to the north of Taverley there is Kagemeex. Begin your quest by talking with Kagemeex. He will tell you about the stone circle to OSRS gold the south of Varrock which has been controlled by the dark wizards, but some years ago, it was a home to the locals. In the end, he directs the Sanfew to call him.

Speaking to Kaqemeex.


Things required: None.

To speak with Sanfew, head south on the road. He is located upstairs in the herb marked by the large octagonal Herblore shop. To make it easier to navigate search for the long buildings that house the Crystal checkpoint, since your destination will only be two buildings away from it. When you arrive at the spot where you are, inform Sanfew that you're there to help purify the stone circle that is in Varrock. Sanfew will require you to visit the Cauldron of Thunder, where you'll have to place in the Cauldron of Thunder raw rat meat, bear meat, raw beef and chicken that is raw. Get these items before beginning the quest.

You can buy them at the Grand Exchange. Have trouble with gold? Don't worry, teleport to Varrock and start running east out of the city. or buy it here at rsorder! There you'll have to take care of these:

Rat right next to the south east mine

Bear towards the south of the mine

A chicken in the south region of Lumbridge

The cow is in the pasture

It may take some time to locate them all, which means it's probably not an option for you if you're concerned about your time or you're an Ironman this means that Grand Exchange is not an option also. If you've unlocked the route to Canifis Find Rufus' Meat Market the middle and purchase all four of the meat inside.

Magicalizing the meat

Items required: Raw chicken meat, raw bear, raw beef, and raw rat meat.

Cauldron of Thunder location.

Journey towards Taverley Dungeon, as the Cauldron of Thunder is located there. Make sure you have food for the next section, if you're a lower level. Don't inquire about why don't ask, just do it, you'll be grateful in the future. When you are in Taverley proceed south and descend the ladder. Follow the path to the north, then cross levels 22 and 25. and then Skeletons, and finally reach the gate. Here you will see two suits of level 19 armour.

Note: If your combat level is lower than 55. They both come out of the blue when they try to open the gate and try to take you down.

It's your choice whether you want to kill or ignore them. Walk in once you make the decision. You'll then be able to see a pot. Use the raw meats you obtained previously on the Cauldron of Thunder. If everything goes as planned you'll be amazed at how they turn blue. The meats will change to their enchanted forms: Enchanted beef, enchanted rat and enchanted chicken.

Enchanting the meats.


The items required are: Enchanted Chicken Enchanted beef, enchanted chicken, enchanted rat, enchanted bear.

Contact Sanfew when you leave the dungeon the buy RuneScape gold  same way you entered. He will instruct you to speak to Kagemeex and take your meats. You will not only receive gratitude from Kaqemeex and he will also tell you about the abilities of Herblore.

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